Equation Calculator for iOS

Equation Calculator



The equation calculator is a universal iPhone/iPad calculator, that combine functionality, simplicity, beauty in one app. and it’s free.

Main Features:
– Write your equations as they are, and the result will show at the end. It is not your usual entry by entry calculator.
– Write your equations as you want, you can even skip unneeded operands, like you do on paper, all the below are valid entries:
– 3sin(2π)
– 5e^3
– 2√9
– (3sin(2π) + 2√9 ) log(100)

– Ability to combine both radians and degrees in same equation like : sin(90°)+cos(π) . only add the degree symbol ” ° ” and that’s it. no separate modes for degrees and radians. you can even get the radian equivalent easily like that 45°= and the result will be the radian angle.

– Full history of all your previous calculations.
– Percentage button acts like real calculators, very helpful in financial calculations.
– you can go back to any point of your previous calculations and modify it.
– Ability to copy full equation or result only and paste it later in other apps like emails.
– Ability to copy result from history and paste it into new calculation.
– Advanced Mathematical/Scientific functions are supported.
– 2 Modes: simple and scientific. select whatever suits your need.
– Many pretty themes to select from, your calculator will look different everyday, and will match your style.
– Compatible with All iOS devices supporting iOS7 & 8 , with all different sizes.

Download NOW! and enjoy the best calculator app ever on iPhone & iPad.

Equation Calculator is available in 2 versions:

1- Download the Free-Ad Supported version  Download now
2- Or you can download Pro paid version (no Ads, All Themes)   Download now


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